The Beauty Of Imaging | 90 Years Bracco Exhibition | La Triennale Milano 2017

Mou Factory for FeelRouge Worldwide Shows
La Triennale di Milano | May 23rd/Jul 2nd 2017

The challenge was to show the role of diagnostic imaging and of contrast media in the medical field, in a video installation, made up of two layers: a back projection on screen and a frontal projection on semi transparent tulle, to create a visual experience at the end of the itinerary of the exhibition organized by FeelRouge WS for Bracco.
However the highly specific contents had to be aligned with an accessible narrative expression, but precise from a scientific point of view. The directorial choice to involve two performers allowed to add a poetic expression to such a complex and rigorous content, amplifying the message in the title of the exhibition: the innate beauty of medical images of the human body.
People could see the video in a small and completely dark room, a sort of black box, offering a totally captivating experience.