Supermostra Esselunga | Videomapping | Milano/Firenze 2017/2018

Mou Factory for FeelRouge Worldwide Shows
The Mall Milano 2017 | Stazione Leopolda Firenze 2018

Recreating the first Italian supermarket through videomapping, with a special focus on all historical details, has been a fascinating and stimulating experience, in which our whole team was involved.
Visitors were welcomed to the exhibit by our videomapping, thanks to which they could relive both the historical element - recreated through 3D models and actors - and the emotional element of the experience that involved Milan citizens in 1957. In fact, it was the first time there was an unprecedented availability and choice of products. Thus the dance of products (3D models created with the original labels) represents the wonder and the astonishment of a country that was about to emerge from the post-war period.

The cultural journey offered by the exhibit led visitors through decades, until the present, where they would be welcomed to the room with the Fidaty Card strawberry throne. In this room, the magic of gifts and Christmas time was represented by our mapping on the structure of cascading cubes, surrounding the strawberry throne.