KPMG "The Place to Be" | Milano 2018

Mou Factory for Simmetrico
Palazzo delle Scintille Milano 2018

Mou Factory worked together with Simmetrico network for the celebrations of the first 60 years of KMPG's activity in Italy. We produced for this event, which took place in Palazzo delle Scintille in Milan, 52 videos, projected on a 1000 meter square area with a resolution of 11.200x2.200 pixels.
KPMG "The Place to Be", thanks to Simmetrico Network's creative direction, offered to its 4.000 visitors a place full of energy, in which talents and characteristics are valued. Mou Factory transfered in visual art's language the creative input given by Simmetrico, developing in the opening video a scenographic and colossal 3D view of a metropolis, metaphorical symbol of KMPG's values.
Mou Factory contributed also to the conception of the stage design and developed, in one month of production, more than 50 videos, such as themes, walkin, jingle, backgrounds, logo animations and 3D animations specific for each moment and each guest of the whole event.

Alessandro Cattelan was master of cerimony for the event, during which numerous special guests got on stage. Two concerts, supported by our mappings, delighted the audience during the day: Funk Off and Elisa, for whom we created a specific theme, performed on stage. Many testimonials spoke during the event, like Manuel Estiarte, Francesco Caio, Beatrice Venezi, Urbano Cairo, Salvatore Majorana, Silvia Candiani e Oscar di Montigny.