Dubai Tour Opening Ceremony | Stereoscopy | Dubai 2017

Mou Factory for RCS Sport
Dubai 2017

For the opening of the Dubai Tour 2017, it was requested to create a theme  completely in stereoscopic to visualize the itinerary of the stages in an immersive and surprising way.
Mou Factory realized Dubai and other places in the neighboring Arab Emirates, for the story of the Dubai Tour 2017 stages. The journey through the itinerary had four bikers as protagonists, also in 3D, who represented the four award jerseys of the Dubai Tour.

The stereoscopy is developed on the 14 meters central screen, on a total projection of 33 meters, associated with a  sloping led platform, that was synchronized with the contents of the three main screens. The video production consists of all the necessary contributions to the realization of the event, including the trophy video presentation, realized on an original soundtrack.