Dubai Tomorrow | Optical Illusion | Waterloo Station | London 2016

Mou Factory for Edelman Dabo
Waterloo Station | London 2016

Edelman Dabo wanted to create an installation to astonish a particular public, difficult to engage: the travelers , mostly commuters of Waterloo Station. Therefore Mou Factory was involved for the realization of different video contributions, that could create discordance between what  was visually perceived and the usual reality of the everyday itinerary.
The Dubai Tomorrow stand, placed in the centre of the station, showed an entire led wall, on which the video clips “Optical Illusion” caught people’s attention and suddenly carried them in different locations of Dubai, however continuing to perceive the station, the rails and the whole normal motion of people and things as background. The person who decided to take part in the game, was captivated by interactive video clips.

Mou Factory realized all the video contributions, inserting on the background of the station, previously taken from the observer’s point of view, 3D elements and green black shoots. We made spectators travel with our videos, by taking them on the beaches of Dubai, inside the Dubai Mall in front of the gigantic aquarium, in the Miracle Garden, where typical butterflies fly, on the sky slope of the Mall of Emirates and in many other suggestive locations of the gorgeous Dubai.