Thanks to the constant and passionate search for all the opportunities offered to enhance visual communication, the capabilities we implement in every project allow us to offer a competent and careful listening to the needs of customers and provide an effective synergy of all the necessary skills to manage each step of the creative process of video production; in this way we can deal with any type of content , meeting the multiple needs of communication all over of the world.

What is motion design

"The belief that one's own view of reality is the only reality is the most dangerous of all delusions"
Paul Watzlawick

Thanks to the possibility of realizing animations of bi-dimensional elements, we can create complex systems. But only through the animation of three-dimensional objects could we create a credible reality on screen.
For us, motion design is creating a new reality which activates powerful intrasubjective processes, because it combines reassuring elements - easily ascribable to a common symbolic universe - and discordant elements - which lack a texture that makes them familiar and usual.
We create immersive and disturbing realities, which at the same time can be deciphered and integrated into the viewer's subjective experience. This characteristic is what makes this technique, or this art, so efficient: amazement, combined with the possibility to absorb messages transmitted through known elements, makes motion design a highly involving communication device.

"I don't like this reality. Do you have one in beige?"
Rat-Man - Leo Ortolani

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